Knee Pain and Knee Joint Therapy Waxahachie TX

Knee Pain and Knee Joint Therapy Waxahachie TX – Here at Vcare, we specialize in educating our patients on knee joint therapy. Being educated about your condition is the first step to healing. Learn more about osteoarthritis:

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is PAIN. You may feel pain during movement and even at rest. Your joints may also be stiff and swollen, and you may even experience a loss of range of movement in the joint. The symptoms of osteoarthritis may interfere with your normal activities, such as walking and dressing, and they may also disrupt your sleep.

If you have osteoarthritis of the knee, you may feel:

  • Tenderness in the knee area and pain during movement of the knee
  • A “grating” or “catching” sensation in the joint during movement. The large muscles around your knee will become weaker with time if plain prevents you from moving or exercising the leg.

Visco-supplimentation / Joint Fluid Therapy is the world’s most prescribed joint fluid therapy: More than 143 million injections worldwide! We use ORTHOVISC®/ SUPARTZ ® They are not drugs! They are a solution of hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is the lubricant and shock absorber in all of your joints. Osteoarthritis reduces your body’s ability to produce hyaluronan. Without it, you experience the pain of OA as your joint wears out. Supartz replaces the natural occurring hyaluronan your body no longer produces on its own. It is effective and safe in treating pain.